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The links below serve several purposes:

                  1) To provide a chronological list of the Roman
                  2) To link to Wikipedia information and pages that
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                 3) Give you a source of information while I continue
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Ancient Roman Emperors, Family, and History:

Myth & Legends:
Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus
Romulus and Remus
The Rape of the Sabine Women

Roman Kings:
*(World Population: 75,000,000 to 100,000,000)

753716 BC  Romulus
715673 BC  Numa Pompilius
673642 BC  Tullus Hostilius
642616 BC  Ancus Marcius
616579 BC  L. Tarquinius Priscus
578535 BC  Servius Tullius
535509 BC  L. Tarquinius Superbus

Roman Republic:
(World Population: 100,000,000 to 125,000,000)

509 BC - 27 BC Roman Republic

Roman Emperors:
(World Population: 170,000,000)

27BC-14AD: Augustus Caesar
14AD-37AD: Tiberius
37-41AD: Caligula
41-54AD: Claudius
54-68AD: Nero
68AD: C. Iulius Vindex
68AD: L. Clodius Macer
68-69AD: Galba
68-69AD: C. Nymphidius Sabinus
69AD: Otho
69AD: Vitellius
69-79AD: Vespasian
79-81AD: Titus
81-96AD: Domitian
89AD: L. Antonius Saturninus
96-98AD: Nerva
98-117AD: Trajan
117-138AD: Hadrian
(**Roman Empire's population was 50 to 90 million inhabitants at its height in AD 117)

136-138AD: Aelius
138-161AD: Antoninus Pius
Wife Faustina the Elder
161-180AD: Marcus Aurelius
175AD: Avidius Cassius
161-166AD: L. Verus
177-192AD: Commodus
193AD: Pertinax
193AD: Didius Julianus
193-194AD: Pescennius Niger
195-197AD: Clodius Albinus
193-211AD: Septimius Severus
Wife Julia Domna
198-217AD: Caracalla
(World Population: 190,000,000)

210-211AD: Geta
217-218AD: Macrinus
218AD: Diadumenian
218-222AD: Elagabalus
218-222AD:  Seleucus
218-222AD:  Uranius
218-222AD:  Gellius Maximus
218-222AD:  Verus
222-238AD: Severus Alexander
Mother Julia Avita Mamaea
225-227AD: L. Seius Sallustius
222-235AD: Taurinus
225-227AD: L. Seius Sallustius
222-235AD: Taurinus
235-238AD: Maximinus Thrax
235-238AD: Magnus
235-238AD: Quartinus
238AD: Gordian I
238AD: Gordian II
238AD: Balbinus
238AD: Pupienus (Maximus)
238-244AD: Gordian III
240AD: Sabinianus
244-249AD: Philip the Arab
244-249AD: Philip II
244-249AD: Silbannacus
244-249AD: Sponsianus
247-249AD: Philip Iunior
248AD: Pacatian
248AD: Jotapian
249-251AD: Trajan Decius
250AD: T. Julius Priscus
250AD: Iulius Valens Licinianus
251AD: Herennius Etruscus
251AD: Hostilian
251-253AD: Trebonianus Gallus
251-253AD: Volusian
253AD: Uranius Antoninus
253AD: Aemilian
253-260AD: Valerian
253-257AD: Valerian II
253-260  Mareades
253-268AD: Gallienus
259AD: Saloninus (Gallic Emperor)
260AD: Regalianus
260-261AD: Macrianus Senior (Gallic Emperor)
260-261AD: Macrianus Iunior (Gallic Emperor)
260-261AD: Quietus (Gallic Emperor)
260-269AD: Postumus (Gallic Emperor)
260AD: Ingenuus
261AD: Piso
261AD: Valens
261AD: Ballista
261AD: Mussius Aemilianus
262AD: Memor
262, 268AD: Aureolus
253-268AD: Celsus
253-268AD: Saturninus
267-273AD: Zenobia
268-270AD: Censorinus
268AD: Laelianus (Gallic Emperor)
268AD: Marius (Gallic Emperor)
268-270AD: Victorinus (Gallic Emperor)
268-270AD: Claudius II (Gothicus)
270AD: Quintillus
270-273AD: Tetricus I (Gallic Emperor)
270-273AD: Tetricus II (Gallic Emperor)

By: Anthony Ballatore

Roman Emperors & their Coins

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270-275AD: Aurelian
Wife Severina
271-272  Domitianus
271-272  Urbanus
271-272  Septimius
273?-274Tetricus II (Gallic Emperor)
273         Firmus
270-271? Felicissimus
272         Vaballathus
274         Faustinus (Gallic Emperor)
275-276  Tacitus
276         Florianus
276-282  Probus
280         Bonosus
280-281  Proculus
281         Saturninus
282-283  Carus
283-284  Numerianus
283-285  Carinus
284-305  Diocletian
297(296?) L. Domitius Domitianus 
297-298? Aurelius Achilleus
303?       Eugenius
285-310  Maximianus Herculius
285 or 286 Amandus
285 or 286 Aelianus
286-293   Iulianus
286?-297? British Emperors 
286/7-293 Carausius
293-296/7 Allectus
293-306   Constantius I Chlorus
293-311   Galerius
305-313   Maximinus Daia
305-307   Severus II
306-312   Maxentius
308-309   L. Domitius Alexander
308-324   Licinius
314(316?) Valens
324         Martinianus
306-337   Constantine I (The Great)
333/334   Calocaerus
337-340   Constantine II
337-350   Constans I
337-361   Constantius II
350-353   Magnentius
350          Nepotian
350          Vetranio
355          Silvanus
360-363   Julian the Apostate
363-364   Jovian
364-375   Valentinian I 
372?-374 Firmus (or 375)
364-378   Valens
365-366   Procopius
366          Marcellus
367-383   Gratian
375-392   Valentinian II
378-395   Theodosius I the Great

          (Theodosius died in 395.  He was the last Emperor to rule the entire Empire.  He willed the eastern half to his son Arcadius, and the western half to his son Honorius.  Arcadius ruled from Constantinople.  Honorius ruled from Milan and later from Ravenna.)


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